Wedding: Liz & Jack

There is so much to be said about these two, but I will keep it simple, Liz and Jack emote kindness and beauty. Their love and tenderness for each other was on another level, their friends and family had just as much joy and enthusiasm to be there witnessing this commitment, and the day was incredible to be apart of. Liz and Jack were able to balance classic and personal style perfectly, everything was on point from the decor, to the location, to the details. This wedding was one for the books! I was convinced that this crazy group of stompers and dancers were going to take down the barn, it was the party that never stopped and followed the couple wherever they went. Also, I need to take the time to appreciate Liz for basically DJing her own reception- and this isn't a slight on the DJ, he was great, but Liz was the life of the party, had control of the mike and wasn't afraid of dancing or signing her heart out. And Jack was a gentleman throughout, keeping up with Liz, no problem, and was of course, was smooth on his feet. My Dears, thank you for being kind and joy to work with from beginning to end. Enjoy the love!