Wedding: Sam&Holland

This lovely wedding took place on a drizzly day in Alabama and the weather didn't stop us from enjoying the wedding! Holland loves rain and so it is only appropriate that it rained throughout most of the day. This particular wedding was also fun because Holland has been in Canada, Dominican Republic and North Carolina as a bridesmaid within their group of friends, so this time it was Holland's turn:) Being apart of 4 weddings with a lot of the same friends and bridal party members has been such a joyous experience. This day was filled with so much love, happiness, tender moments and laughter. Sam and Holland are two sweet souls that just love life and they soaked up every moment of their day. Thank you my dears for allowing me to be apart of such a beautiful day! I also had the privilege of having Todd Balsley work with me- thank you for being an inspiration, sharing trade secrets and just plain fun.