Wedding: Carrie&Darren

This wedding was from two years ago, but was by far, one of my most unique and favorite weddings I have photographed to date. There were many firsts for me with these two and I loved them all- First time a contract came back with "Let's get weird! Love, Darren" written on it, first bride with dreads (wicked awesome dreads, wait until you see them down below, they photograph so well!), first couple to use skulls as decor and in the photos, first wedding that we actually camped out with all the guests afterwards,  first time a flower girl lost her tooth while we were photographing and the first time I had to ask someone to move a pontoon boat out of the pond so it wouldn't be in the photos.

Oh Carrie and Darren, I love them. They are two old souls, that have such a deep love and tenderness for each other. Carrie is sweet, a nature lover, cute, has a quirky sense of humor, is a deadhead, an amateur hula hooper and is quiet- but she is a crazy lady when you play the right music and dance the night away back in the woods. And Darren is like a bubbly teddy bear- he jumps up to say hello to anyone and everyone, gives big bear hugs, is crazy sweet, just adores Carrie, isn't afraid to have a good time, an avid hunter (keeps all the skulls for Carrie),   and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. 

Carrie, Darren, many friends and family worked so hard to decorate and bring to life all of the ideas that these two had envisioned for their wedding. Carrie grew all of the flowers for the wedding bouquets and decor, collected and cleaned tons of skulls, Their location was at the North Fork Music Park and I do have to say, this whole piece of property offered so much diversity for photos and met all their wedding needs.

I love first looks. I highly suggest them to all my couples, it takes the pressure off of you two. By being able to get all of your photos taken before your ceremony, you are really just attending your wedding. These two chose to do their first look at Darren's Parent's house.