Engagement: Kasey&Jay

So excited for these two to get married this month! Kasey and Jay are waterfall chasers, adventurers, can't sit still, passionate about the simple things in life and incredibly caring. I am so lucky to share in their beautiful day!

Wedding: Viktoryia & Brannen

This beautiful wedding was in Vermont at the Trapp Family Lodge. It was a tender and intimate wedding with family and close friends, amazing food, a beautiful view of the mountains and you know it's a good wedding when your bride lets you do whatever you want:) And when the Mother of the Groom calls you a kindred spirit, we connected because of our obsession with trees, photography and travel, amazing woman and Mother! I adore photographing these two, love their style and watching them together. They show their deep love and care for each other, with sweet, little whispers and gentle kisses and it is couples like this, that make me love my job even more! Thank you both for being wonderful through this process and I look forward to your Anniversary Session! 

Family: James, Emma, and Eden

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Emma and James, from their wedding, friends weddings and this visit I had the joy of meeting little miss Eden. She is a little ball of love and excitement and thanks to Gramma we got some big giggles out of her! This family is one of my favorites...genuine, tenderhearted and a contagious outlook on life. Enjoy the love.

Engagement: Vikki&Brannen

This session was from this past fall, we are clearly playing catch up on the blog, so enjoy some sweet color and the love.  Vikki and Brannen have a very sweet and tender relationship. I traveled a few hours out of state to photograph them, at a few of their favorite places. We started out at their adorable house, with their two fur babies and I got to learn a bit more about Vikki and Brannen. They both pay attention to detail and sweet little things, I got to hear about how their relationship started and grew into the strong bond they have today. After their house, we ventured to two nearby locations, in search of the most color we could find. We ran into sunny skies, wind, dark clouds and a bit of rain, but I think our efforts paid off.

Wedding: Carrie&Darren

This wedding was from two years ago, but was by far, one of my most unique and favorite weddings I have photographed to date. There were many firsts for me with these two and I loved them all- First time a contract came back with "Let's get weird! Love, Darren" written on it, first bride with dreads (wicked awesome dreads, wait until you see them down below, they photograph so well!), first couple to use skulls as decor and in the photos, first wedding that we actually camped out with all the guests afterwards,  first time a flower girl lost her tooth while we were photographing and the first time I had to ask someone to move a pontoon boat out of the pond so it wouldn't be in the photos.

Oh Carrie and Darren, I love them. They are two old souls, that have such a deep love and tenderness for each other. Carrie is sweet, a nature lover, cute, has a quirky sense of humor, is a deadhead, an amateur hula hooper and is quiet- but she is a crazy lady when you play the right music and dance the night away back in the woods. And Darren is like a bubbly teddy bear- he jumps up to say hello to anyone and everyone, gives big bear hugs, is crazy sweet, just adores Carrie, isn't afraid to have a good time, an avid hunter (keeps all the skulls for Carrie),   and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. 

Carrie, Darren, many friends and family worked so hard to decorate and bring to life all of the ideas that these two had envisioned for their wedding. Carrie grew all of the flowers for the wedding bouquets and decor, collected and cleaned tons of skulls, Their location was at the North Fork Music Park and I do have to say, this whole piece of property offered so much diversity for photos and met all their wedding needs.

I love first looks. I highly suggest them to all my couples, it takes the pressure off of you two. By being able to get all of your photos taken before your ceremony, you are really just attending your wedding. These two chose to do their first look at Darren's Parent's house.

Baby Bump: Elaine&Ben

It is always fun when your clients become your friends. These two are such a joy to be around, they always make each other laugh and are so tender and romantic. It was an honor to photograph another beautiful moment in their lives. Elaine and Ben, it's a little late, but congrats on your gorgeous baby girl!

Wedding: Tim&Ashton

This was a beautiful and simple wedding in Southern Jersey. Tim and Ashton's day was fun, chill, wicked hot, and filled with so much love. I am so happy to have been apart of their special day!

Engaged: Tim&Ashton

These two squeezed in a last minute session a week before their wedding- it was short and sweet. These darlings were filled with love and laughter. Had such a lovely time with them. Enjoy the love!

Wedding: Kyle&Juliann

This wedding was a beautiful, fun and emotional celebration, that was shared with many friends and family. Juliann and her Mother put many hours into planning and styling this gorgeous wedding. They carefully chose vendors that would help make their day amazing, the hair and makeup, the florist, the food, the DJs, everyone did a superb job (list at the end of the blog!) Juliann and Kyle had a wonderful and quite good looking bridal party, that helped and supported the couple throughout the day and they definitely left their hearts on the dance floor. Kyle is such a sweetheart and loves to spoil his beautiful bride, so Juliann started off her morning with a sweet gift, including a hand written love note. And Juliann definitely didn't slack in the gift giving department, Kyle got a wicked sharp watch. Their wedding was the perfect mixture of traditional and non-traditional. Classic ceremony in a beautiful Catholic Church in downtown Albany and then a rustic and relaxed reception on the countryside. I have been working with these two for over a year now andfrom beginning to end, they have been kind and amazing clients. It was such an honor to work with such loving clients and to get to know their friends and families throughout their wonderful wedding day. Thank you Kyle and Jules for allowing us to share in the love.

Alexandria's Beauty Salon


Wedding: Ben&Lianna Part 2

Part 1 and Part 2 are slightly uneven, oh well, you will enjoy the love just the same. Below you will have the honor of re-living their beautiful ceremony, the breath taking scenery and wild reception. So here's a very fun detail- Lianna's Family is good friends with Ben's Family, of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, and Ben actually the one that married Ben and Lianna. Then at the reception, Ben and Jerry surprised guests with a very nontraditional wedding cake, a volcanic chocolate eruption (more got on Ben than on the ice cream!) You will see the pure joy and love surrounding Ben and Lianna and their wonderful wedding in Freedom, New Hampshire. Enjoy and share the love!