Engagement: Juliann&Kyle

Meet Juliann, Kyle and Hokey (yes like the hokey pokey), they live in Colorado, but will be getting married here in New York in June.  These two are so cute and fun, I think they laughed through most of our session.  I am so excited to be apart of the wedding and to see all of the planning come to life. Thank you for being so chill and easy to photograph. Enjoy the love.

Portrait: Taylor

Another gorgeous senior!! Taylor has lots of spunk and is so natural in front of the camera. This pretty lady was so fun to work with. Best of luck with your college pursuits.

Portrait: Danielle

This gorgeous girl is a senior, so sweet and preparing to go into nursing! Lovely meeting you and wish you the best of luck Danielle!

Portrait: Sophia

This pretty lady is a senior! Sophia is a talented dancer, tenderhearted and gorgeous girl. I loved photographing her and how about that red hair?! You are just lovely my dear, good luck with the next steps in life.

Location: http://www.bennettsridingstable.com/

Wedding: Sam & John

This lovely wedding took place on the perfect fall day at the Olde Tater Barn and was such a joy to be apart of. Sam and John are two of the sweetest souls you will ever meet, their love for each other is so apparent. Both were surrounded by so much love of family and friends, everyone was excited to share in their wonderful day. As you will see, these two dears are a gorgeous couple and have a rustic and elegant style about them. Their vivacious bridal party were just one of the many highlights of this wedding- the decor, location, bouquets, food, DJ... such a wonderful day! And not to mention the wicked truck that Sam's Dad towed all the way from New Jersey! I am just so thankful to be apart of all the love and beauty from this day. Here are a few to hold you over:)

Portraits: Cody&Seth

Oh my, oh my, get ready for some vintage love. These two have been married for 3 years and together for 10. Ladies, talk about a romantic planner- Seth contacted me, so he could surprise his beautiful wife, for her birthday, with a vintage portrait session. They also brought along their adorable daughter, Luna, who is such a character and kept us all smiling! Wait until you see how cute this little family is! When you are used to being behind the camera, it is a bit more difficult to be in front of the camera- but for Cody and Seth it was natural, romantic and just so sweet. Enjoy the love!

Wedding: Sam&Holland

This lovely wedding took place on a drizzly day in Alabama and the weather didn't stop us from enjoying the wedding! Holland loves rain and so it is only appropriate that it rained throughout most of the day. This particular wedding was also fun because Holland has been in Canada, Dominican Republic and North Carolina as a bridesmaid within their group of friends, so this time it was Holland's turn:) Being apart of 4 weddings with a lot of the same friends and bridal party members has been such a joyous experience. This day was filled with so much love, happiness, tender moments and laughter. Sam and Holland are two sweet souls that just love life and they soaked up every moment of their day. Thank you my dears for allowing me to be apart of such a beautiful day! I also had the privilege of having Todd Balsley work with me- thank you for being an inspiration, sharing trade secrets and just plain fun.

Elopement Portraits: Jake&Taylor

These two dears were on the blog back in March, when Jake proposed up in Burlington, Vermont. Our original plan was to meet up again in Tennessee for the wedding, but these two decided to be adventurous and elope! Sadly, I was not available to document their beautiful and intimate exchanging of vows, so we decided to wait until the end of the summer to do our version of formal portraits.  Thanks guys for hiking and taking a mini road trip to make these lovely portraits possible:) Enjoy and share the love.

Vintage tablecloth from Honeysuckle. https://www.etsy.com/shop/thehoneysuckleshop

Wedding: Ethan&Amber

Enjoy this sweet and intimate backyard wedding! These two were wonderful to photograph and had such a fun bridal party! Thank you for letting me share in the love, tears and laughs.

Wedding: Meghan&Josh

This gorgeous wedding took place at Dunham's Bay Resort in Lake George, New York. Meghan and Josh have such a classic style and are so relaxed, that I have to say is a wonderful combo for photos. They had quite a vivacious bridal party, that kept me on my toes and laughing. These two have been in love since high school, through thick and thin, and cannot live without the other. Congrats you two and welcome to the family Meghan!

Enjoy the love!

Engagement: Elaine&Ben

These two were such a joy to photograph, their love and laughter was contagious. I can't help but smile as I edit these photos. Believe it or not, Ben and Elaine met on a blind date! They have such a sweet love story and if you can't tell by these photos, they are crazy about each other. I cannot wait to photograph their winter wedding! Thank you my dears for letting me share in this joyous time of your lives!

Wedding: Molly&Corey

Oh sweet, sweet love. I love being apart of and capturing raw emotions. These two were soaking up every moment of their wedding day. Molly and Corey were just a complete joy to photograph. Throughout the day, Corey kept looking at her with such love and when Molly would realize it, she would just grab him and kiss him and then giggle. This was literally all day from the ceremony to photos to dancing. And let me tell you, these two danced their hearts out for probably 3 hours. I loved this wedding, sometimes I think we lose focus when planning a wedding or even on the wedding day and these two were just focused on each other and having a wonderful time with family and friends. Enjoy these two.

Wedding: Emily&David

A rainy day of fun, love and kisses. These two are so sweet and know how to have a good time no matter what- even if their wedding day gets rained out. This beautiful wedding took place in the Adirondacks at the Lodge on Echo Lake.

Wedding: Kat&Stephen

Be prepared to share in some beautiful moments with these two lovebirds and the people that mean the most to them. Kat and Stephen are just so sweet and fun to be with, not to mention so natural in front of the camera. It was very apparent that they deeply cared for everyone in their bridal party and they chose each of them for very specific reasons. I will share more later, but for now sit back and enjoy some southern beauty and love.